Being the youngest sibling isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be

September 23, 2010 — by Aasim Naqvi

I've always wondered why my peers complain about being younger siblings.

Little brothers or sisters complain about getting beaten up or bossed around or having to meet their older sibling's expectations. Younger siblings often seem to pity themselves or wish they were the elder sibling.

But not me.

Having a brother or a sister is a gift and something to be very thankful for. On top of that, having an older brother and an older sister makes life a lot easier.

And although it may not be obvious to many, I'd bet it's the same for every other younger sibling in the world.

My brother Ali and my sister Mariam both attended Saratoga High. My sister graduated from the school in 2000, and my brother in 2003.

And I graduate in 2013. Yeah, do the math.

Beyond graduating from great schools, both decided to go into medicine. Mariam is now an obstetrician and gynecologist doing her residency at Stanford. Ali is in his third year of medical school at SUNY Buffalo in New York.

The first thing that most people say when I tell them the above is "Man, you have a lot of pressure," or, "You have a lot to live up to."

What most people ignore is that two successful older siblings can offer a lot of guidance and good advice.

From topics such as which classes to take in high school to where to get an internship during the summer, the advice just never stops.

I have two siblings who have chosen to pursue a profession that requires immense amounts of hard work. For whatever reason, it happens to be the same profession I'm leaning toward now (even though I admit it's too early to be thinking about that).

So next time you're getting bossed around by your older sibling, consider the positives.

Advice and guidance are well worth a little bossing around here and there.

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