Boys' soccer endures difficult trainings with new coach and league

December 12, 2008 — by Lyka Sethi and Tim Tsai

With a new coach and a relatively new group of players, the boys’ varsity soccer team hopes to pull together and improve their commitment this season.

Despite three preseason losses to Yerba Buena, Menlo and Watsonville, in which the team lost 2-1, 1-0 and 1-0, respectively, and only one 3-1 win against Prospect, the players are looking to improve in league games, which started on Dec. 17 against Wilcox.

“We’re still new as a team, so we’re not playing up to our potential yet,” said senior center mid-fielder Chris Chung. “But that’s what preseason is for, so it’s a good learning experience and chance for us to improve.”

The boys’ new coach Brock Woodard “has high goals,” according to Chung.

“[Woodard] has a winning attitude,” said Chung. “He has a lot of experience and emphasizes fitness and commitment.”

Woodard, who played Division II soccer at Sonoma State University, employs more tactics and strategies than did last year’s coach. Under his instruction the team hopes to overcome issues they had last year.

“Last year there were issues with commitment and a lack of team bonding,” said defender senior Michael Vu. “But [Woodard] is trying to implement a new soccer mentality by emphasizing dedication and commitment, so I don’t think that will be a problem this year.”

Along with this new sense of dedication, the team has noticed stronger camaraderie this season. According to Chung, the team has gotten closer during hard training sessions and weight lifting.

As a result of moving down from the El Camino to the De Anza League, the team hopes to string together some wins.

“We're kind of in a tough situation because we're among the top in this lower league, but at the bottom of the upper league,” said Vu. “I think if we work on our teamwork and come together, we can do well.”

By joining the De Anza league, the boys feel that they have a higher chance of making it to CCS.

“We didn’t do so hot last year,” said Chung. “We didn’t make CCS, but the team is pretty new this year and it’s very good. With all our training and our good coach, we know we can dominate league.”

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