Cafeteria raises prices in an effort to break even

October 28, 2019 — by Bill Yuan

In early October, students found that prices for most items on the cafeteria menu had been marked up by 50 cents to $1. 

Cafeteria manager Pam Carlino said that prices were raised because the cafeteria is expected to break even and can’t lose money. 

“Salaries are going up, benefits are going up, and food costs are going up, so the district office decided to raise prices,” she said. Prices were also raised at Los Gatos High.

Pizza and salad, two of the most commonly purchased items, have both been increased by $1, making a slice of pizza $3.50 and a large salad bowl $5.

With these price changes, many students, including sophomore Christopher Wu, said they feel less inclined to buy food from the school. 

“As soon as I am allowed to,” Wu said, “I will go off campus for food.”

Common meals for students such as two slices of pizza now cost $7, and many grab-and-go meals cost around $5. Weekly specials cost more than $4, and all salads cost at least $4. 

Items that have not been marked up include cookies and breadsticks; both remain at $1.50.

“I’m just going to buy from the cafeteria a lot less,” Wu said. “I don’t usually bring food from home, but I might start doing that.”


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