Continuously rewatching the perfect show

September 16, 2019 — by Lihi Shoshani

In a month, you can fly around the world 24 times. In 30 days, junior Nina Dertorossian can watch all nine seasons of “The Office,” which originally ran from 2005 to 2013. 

Derotrossian enjoys the unorthodox plot and humor of the show that inspired NBC hits like “Parks and Rec.” The show’s setting is simulated to look like an actual documentary, following everyday lives of office employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The awkward pauses when the manager of the branch and Detrossian’s favorite character, Michael Scott, says something strange, or when an event out of the ordinary occurs add to the appeal of the show.

The show stands out to her because “characters are going to fall in love, get hit by cars, lose loved ones and love life.”

Dertorossian says she feels connected and invested in both the characters and the interesting storyline. Sometimes, instead of focusing on her schoolwork, she’ll watch “The Office,” and wait for Michael Scott to appear on her screen.

Her favorite episode is “Niagara” in season six, where her favorite couple, Jim and Pam, get married. The wedding takes place at Niagara Falls, with the bride and groom deciding to get married on a boat before going to their wedding ceremony with their family and coworkers.

“Every time I watch it, I can’t believe what amazing actors they both are,” Dertorossian said. “They have such a deep connection that when I watch the episode I get goosebumps. They look so in love, but they’re just actors; they aren’t together and that shocks me.” 

While she doesn’t enjoy season eight as much as others because it doesn’t include Michael Scott — an essential character to the storyline — Dertorossian is committed to finishing all nine seasons from start to finish every time she rewatches the show.

She’s rewatched the show multiple times since eighth grade and has gotten into trouble with her mom for spending 16 hours a day on Netflix.

As her binge cycle continues, Dertorossian waits for the next time she has a spare 64,414 minutes to re-watch all of the episodes of “The Office” yet again.

“Even if the whole story is out of control, watching a show with such a perfect cast and setting stands out to me,” she said, later adding,”It makes me so happy to know what lives the characters live and the differences they’ll make.”

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