SoundCloud producer Robotaki taught me how to like EDM

October 30, 2019 — by Annissa Mu

I was exploring my SoundCloud feed when I noticed that there was a song called “Butterscotch” that my favorite artist  yeloasis and £.vıewƶ(이뷰즈) kept reposting. So, I gave it a listen. The moment that beat dropped, it was instant love. The song was produced by Canadian producer Anthony Chin who goes by the pen name of “Robotaki.”

Robotaki’s music is best categorized as electronic, but it’s ridiculously versatile. “Butterscotch” — the first song I heard from him and also my favorite — is slow and sensual, full of groove and blues appeal. Another one of my favorite songs, “Together We’re Screwed,” is more true to the EDM style but still has a unique lightness and flutteriness to it. 

I usually don’t enjoy electronic music, but Robotaki delivers on the genre’s defining beat drop without being overbearing or noisy. All of his songs are free to listen on SoundCloud and Spotify. I highly recommend giving Robotaki a listen.

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