Spring fling week full of festivities

April 3, 2013 — by Amy Jan, Jay Mulye and Sanj Nalwa
Photo by David Sparkman

Students enjoy the festivities and competitions in the Spring Fling Rally, capping off the exciting week.

This year, Spring Fling traditions were brought back and new events were implemented, bringing the week to a more disappointing close, several students had some belongings stolen from their backpacks during Friday's rally.

Club Rush on the first day of Spring Fling week was added for the first time, in addition to a different selection of themes for dress up week. Battle of the Boom, Powderpuff games, a rally and the Sadie Hawkins Dance were all usual events during the week.

Club rush provides forum for clubs to publicize

Club Rush took began the week of March 25, and was an event organized by the ASB in order for clubs to get more publicity. Around 15 clubs participated in the event. 

ASB Club Commissioner senior Tiffany Yung said that Club Rush was an opportunity for clubs to fundraise to the entire school.

“I know lots of clubs have had the frustration of not being able to sell food during lunch, so this will be an opportunity to do just that,” Yung said.

Yung said that it was a completely optional event for clubs, and none of them were required to participate.

“Our goal was just to give a chance for clubs to fundraise and also make clubs more known on campus because Club Day is always a big event in the beginning of the year for schools,” Yung said.

Yung said that she got the idea from her friends in other schools, saying their Club Rushes seemed to work really well.

“I always see [my friends in other schools] advertising for people to buy stuff at their club rush,” Yung said. “It was really effective because most groups on campus like Interact, CSF and the senior class [had items] sold out within minutes.”

This was the first time our school has held a Club Rush, and Yung said it will most likely be the last one held this year.

“I wish we can have another one, but we can't because the cafeteria only allows the school to have two days where they can sell and compete with them,” Yung said.

Retro car Battle of the Boom

During lunch on March 25, six students drove their cars to the middle of the quad and blasted music on their stereos for Battle of the Boom. Students competed for two separate categories: best looking car and the loudest car stereo.

Senior Eddie Ruppel won for best looking car with his 1925 Model TT truck and junior Tony Capek won for the loudest car stereo.

Since his car was a 1920’s truck, Ruppel was skeptical about his chances of winning for best looking car.

“It felt pretty good considering I beat all of these modern cars with a measly 90-year-old truck that can't even reach 35 miles per hour,” Eddie  said.

According to Capek, the best part of the day was listening to the variety of music that students blasted through the car speakers and checking out other peers’ cars.

“I think the event went really well. It was really easy to enjoy, and people enjoyed listening to the music at lunch,” Capek said. “My favorite part of the event was being able to listen to my favorite music as loud as I wanted for others to enjoy.”

Themed dress-up week adds humor and fun to student body

Finding any excuse to dress up with friends at school can always be a great way to make memories in high school. For senior Joanne Sturge, she really went all out on each of these dress up days.

“My favorite dress-up day was probably Tacky Tourist Tuesday because it was a good excuse to bust out my mom’s closet,” Sturge said.

On Monday, many students wore their pajamas to kick off the week. Tacky Tourist Tuesday had less participation, but still, many students in bright floral shirts. “Would you be my friend if I wore this?” Wednesday had the most outrageous outfits as some students wore onesies and dinosaur outfits. On Thursday, each student came to school decked out in their class colors, suitable for the final two games of Powderpuff. Lastly, formal Friday was the most well received as students looked classy in their formal wear.

“[Formal Friday] was more popular because people are more willing to do it,” junior Leo Kim said. “Personally, I just like dressing nicely, so I guess a lot of people enjoy it too.”


Throughout Spring Fling week, the female high school athletes from each grade played flag football in Powderpuff. On March 26 at lunch, the juniors tied the freshmen 0-0 in the first Powderpuff game of the week. The juniors knocked out the freshmen from the competition, attaining more first downs than the freshmen.

The seniors faced the sophomores in a sudden death round during lunch on March 29, due to the 0-0 tie and tie in first downs in their previous game on March 28.     

“They didn’t just give us the title like they normally would,” senior Courtney Ruppel said. “They made us work so we earned our spot in the championship.”

The seniors and juniors faced each other in the Powderpuff finals on March 28 after school. The seniors came out on top 12-0.  

“I enjoyed how we destroyed the sophomores and proved ourselves to be the champions versus the juniors,” Courtney said.  

Despite the hard work, many players enjoyed their Powderpuff experience.  

“It seemed like we practiced for over 10 hours,” junior Jenni Miller, who played cornerback, said. “[The best part was] getting in there, messing people up with the ball and screwing with their vision.”

In addition to the Powderpuff games, the male students choreographed a cheer routine to support their female classmates. Many students enjoyed the attention but had some fears to overcome in the process.

“We’ve practiced our stunts out and it was kind of scary,” junior Jason Li said. “But we had a lot of fun and we were high flyers, so it was a great performance.”

Last Rally of the Year

The gym reverberated with applause as the Spring Fling rally began during tutorial on Friday, March 29. 

Rally commissioner Rohan Jhalani said that the commission met approximately four or five times to plan out this rally, each one a meeting and a half.

 “We met at night time at Megan Doles’ house,” Jhalani said. “This will be last rally for now.”

The rally included powderpuff dances for each class, as well as a drumline performance. There were small activities such as finding a black ball in different bags of shaving cream, playing soccer with each leg in a trashcan and passing a ball from mouth to mouth along a line of students.    

Jhalani said he does not know exactly how much money was spent on the rally.

“We don’t have a script because we got limited by the office,” Jhalani said. “We didn’t have the tools to go all out, but we did the best we could.”

The rally included an activity in which a girl from each grade has to find a black ball in a kiddie pool filled with shaving cream. The sophomores were victorious. 

Another activity involved a soccer game played by boys from each grade with their legs in a trashcan. Freshmen won. 

After the rally, many students were surprised to see their backpacks moved to a different location. There were seven reports of backpack thefts that occurred during the rally. Items such as wallets, keys and gift cards were reported stolen from their backpacks. Junior Anup Kar, a victim of one of the many thefts, had his phone stolen from his backpack. 

“I really thought highly of my peers and I [couldn’t believe] someone from our school would stoop to stealing from their classmates,” Kar said. “I think that the thefts were prominent because all of the backpacks were outside with all of the administration at the rally.”

More girls than ever ask guys to Sadie Hawkins

Throughout the week, you could see girls holding up posters to ask their dates to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

This year’s theme was Sadie’s in the 80s. At the dance, many people came dressed up in brightly colored neon outfits, wore side ponytails and matched with their dates. The turnout was 270 and most students would say that they had a great time.

“It was a perfect last Sadie’s because we could just dance the night away without caring about anything,” senior Kiki Shim said.

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