TikTok influencer Daisy Keech virally takes down the Hype House

May 6, 2020 — by Lihi Shoshani

In her viral YouTube video “The Truth about the Hype House,” famous TikToker and social media influencer Daisy Keech reveals her accusations and lawsuit against fellow co-founders of the Hype House, Thomas Petrou and Chase Husdon. In recent months, Keech has moved out of the Hype House to create her own content house, the Club House.

The three co-founded the Hype House in a Los Angeles mansion, bringing in the biggest TikTokers to live there and create more content for their growing fanbases. 

Although the collective began just last December, cracks have begun showing through its seemingly perfect facade. 

“Thomas said to my lawyer, ‘You know what, I’m just more of a businessman than girls like Daisy, she’s just another hot Instagram model with a shelf life,’” Keech said in the video. 

She explains she was never credited as a co-founder of the Hype House although she was one of the main contributors. Her lawsuit against Petrou and Hudson is based on Petrou trying to market merch with the Hype House trademark without her consent and making unapproved renovations to the house. 

The stereotype that women can't be beautiful and intelligent, that they have to be one or the other, is something Keech is trying to get past as she shows the world the business side of herself.

“I’m not really being portrayed as who I really am — the business mind that I do have and everything I brought to the Hype House and did for the Hype House,” Keech said. 

She has taken this opportunity to educate other businesswomen to speak up, even if powerful men are present as she regrets not speaking up for herself faster. 

“It reinstated inside of me how important it is to stick up for myself and to stand up for my beliefs,” Keech said. “Hopefully that sets an example for other people.”

Fans are upset with Petrou for being misogynistic and controlling, and it’s coming back to bite him as many turn against him and the Hype House. #JusticeforDaisy is trending on TikTok and the content house is losing followers.

Petrou childishly tweeted and posted on his Instagram story that Keech’s name wasn’t on the lease and she was lying, quickly deleted both posts,  and then released a YouTube video titled, “the REAL truth about the Hype House” in response to Keech’s original video. 

Petrou tries to clear the claims that he had asked fellow Hype House creators to block her, making it look as if she was kicked out by explaining that the majority voted for Keech to leave the collective after she didn’t promote or collaborate with other creators. However, no other Hype House members have supported his claim.

Keech also complained she wasn’t given access to any of the social media accounts because Petrou thought she would use them for her own personal benefit with brand deals. 

Throughout the video, Keech continues to emphasize her generous contribution to the house, but Petrou argues that that despite her financial contribution he invested more into marketing and the day-to-day operations of the business, so she doesn’t deserve as much credit or publicity as he does. 

“The Hype House was built off the people and the hard work put into the house. It was not built off of the property,” Petrou said. 

Another, less popular member of the Hype House, Kouvr Annon, has tweeted against Keech.

“I can’t stand it when girls say that they hate being mistreated and stepped on yet step on other girls … Don’t lie.”

However, Keech is holding her ground by standing up to the Hype House members, proving she can be an Instagram model and a successful business persona. 

With all the bad publicity the Hype House began receiving, it seemed a good idea for some of the more popular creators to follow Keech. But at this time, none have. 

Keech and Petrou’s argument has taken over TikTok, and with new information coming out every day, more and more fans are siding with Keech in her fight to break the stereotype of being a blonde bimbo by showing her intelligent, business-oriented side.


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