Upperclassmen inspired to go to the gym

November 17, 2017 — by Jayne Zhou and Callia Yuan

Since senior Sahm Rafati started going to the Right Stuff Gym in Campbell during the summer of his freshman year, he has lost a total of 20 pounds.

That success has inspired him to keep going along with friends Nicholas Phan, Nicholas Di and Aaron Choi.

The four enjoy going together not only to improve their health but also to release their academic stress. As a group, they are able to motivate and coach each other.

Phan and Rafati both also have memberships at Right Stuff Health Club but also use the Ray Goni weight room on campus because it’s “more convenient.”

Phan said the weight room at school also encourages students to exercise more often as it allows students access to good equipment that wouldn’t be available at a lot of public gyms.

However, the availability of equipment is also a concern when it comes to working out.

“Right Stuff is always really crowded, so on days when I want specific equipment I just go to the school gym,” Phan said.

Encouragement from other students also provides motivation for students to begin working out. Di was actually the first person who told Phan to start working out.

Di said he enjoys encouraging his peers to work out because of “their reaction when they see their own results and how happy they are after they see how much they’ve slimmed down.”

Since he began working out over the summer, Phan has lost a total of 20 pounds and has noticed a huge increase in strength.

“A good way to tell your improvement is through how much strength you gain,” Phan said.

Working out is also scientifically proven to reduce stress, which may be an incentive for high schoolers who undergo enormous amounts of stress.

However, these upperclassmen sometimes struggle to find time to go to the gym due to things like college applications and standardized tests.

“I went a lot during the beginning of the school year, but since college applications are kind of taking up our lives, I haven’t been going recently,” Di said.

Going to the gym regularly also improves students’ skills for any sports that they play. For Rafati, who plays varsity soccer, being in superior shape helps him on the pitch and allows him to play to his potential.

Of course working out together has helped their friendships.

“Once a bunch of my other friends started working out, it became a thing to bond with,” Phan said.


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