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April 12, 2016

Senior who is taking both classes this year clears the air about the choice between taking AP Literature and AP Language.


April 21, 2016

The Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (WiSTEM) clubs of Lynbrook, Monta Vista and Saratoga hosted the third annual Bay Area Research Exposition (BARE). The event kicked off with a keynote speech by Arora.







April 21, 2016

Students and parents show frustration over parking lot troubles due to music building construction.

April 26, 2016

The second TEDX event at SHS provides mix of speakers, ideas

April 28, 2016

In 2005, history teacher Matthew Torrens introduced the Wild West trip, taking several students to visit Utah and Monticello High School, where he taught prior to Saratoga High. The bi-yearly tradition has continued for 11 years, making this year’s upperclassmen the eighth group that has traveled to Utah with Torrens.


April 29, 2016

Student of the Month: Melissa Hoffman
Guys and Dolls Recap
Sports Recap
Leadership Class Controversy

Speech and debaters compete at state tourney; Rallabandi places 3rd in Varsity Oratorical Interpretation
Upperclassmen venture into another world on Wild West trip
College Bound: Acharya and Oliver prepare for transition to college
Orchestra students visit Disneyland for Music Festival Competition
Pair upset with inexperienced judges at SCU Spring tournament
Attendance secretary to return from maternity leave
Flipped teaching encourages students to learn independently
May 2, 2016 — by Kyle Wang

Tournament takes place at Mission San Jose

April 28, 2016 — by Michelle Koo and Michelle Lee

In 2005, history teacher Matthew Torrens introduced the Wild West trip, taking several students to visit Utah and Monticello High School, where he taught prior to Saratoga High. The bi-yearly tradition has continued for 11 years, making this year’s upperclassmen the eighth group that has traveled to Utah with Torrens.


April 28, 2016 — by Claire Chou, Spring Ma, Katherine Sun and Eileen Toh

Oliver anticipates freshman year at Barnard. Acharya sets up future in film with Emerson.

April 27, 2016 — by Pranav Ahuja

On April 1, students and teachers noticed that many of their classmates were not at school and that some classes were even half empty. This was no April Fool’s joke; rather, absent students were on the three-day orchestra trip to Los Angeles, California.


April 27, 2016 — by Kyle Wang

From April 2-3, members of the speech and debate team sat in crowded rooms at the Santa Clara University Philalethic Invitational surrounded by students from different schools; some held bags of food from Ike’s Sandwiches, while others mindlessly scrolled through their Facebook feeds. 

April 27, 2016 — by Eleanor Goh

“Then I yelled something that probably shouldn't go on the website,” attendance secretary Mandy Armes said on Humans of Saratoga High last September after realizing she was to have fraternal twins. The post received an overwhelming 422 likes and many comments like “congratulations” and “love you.”

April 27, 2016 — by Neil Rao

Every Monday, Biology and Anatomy teacher Kristofer Orre’s classes seem to work at a quicker, more consistent pace than others.

Boys' tennis secure league title for third year in a row
Boys' track improves with individual efforts
Boys’ volleyball succeeds in a more challenging division
Baseball team works harder as CCS approaches
Badminton team prepares for tough games ahead
Boys’ lacrosse team steadily improves to finish season strong
Golf prepares for leagues after strong season
April 27, 2016 — by Elizabeth Lee and Jenny Qian

With a record of 11-1, the boys’ tennis team has won the De Anza League championship for the third consecutive year. 

April 27, 2016 — by Neil Rao and Neehar Thumaty

When senior Stephen Law took his stance in the block in preparation for the 1600-meter run during the April 19 meet against Fremont, he was determined not only to win but to run his best time ever. The result: Law crossed the finish line, and he had won with a time of 4:36, a personal record.

April 27, 2016 — by Roland Shen and Vivien Zhang

Outside hitter junior Joel Schneidmiller rushed to the net and slammed the ball heavily as it landed on the floor, causing a loud thud to echo throughout the gym. The buzzer rang and the Falcons rejoiced as they defeated rival Lynbrook 3-1 in an away game on April 20.

April 27, 2016 — by Jay Kim and Roland Shen

Though the Falcons kicked off the De Anza league season with a winning streak, the team has since fallen to seventh place in the division with a league record of 4-8 as of April 22. 

April 27, 2016 — by Isabelle Yang and Jason Zhao

“Good game, Wilcox!” echoed throughout the gym on April 21, as the Falcons came out victorious 22-8, their fourth consecutive  win in this season.

April 27, 2016 — by Amith Galivanche and Katherine Zhou

The boys’ lacrosse team has rebounded from last year’s losing season with both more victories and improved play.

April 27, 2016 — by Frederick Kim, Trevor Leung and Neil Rao

Golfers finished their regular season strong with an emphatic 202-216 win against Wilcox on April 21 at Santa Clara Golf and Tennis Club (par 36), concluding a 9-3 run and finishing second in the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League behind Los Gatos. No. 1 player senior Lucas Peng medaled in the match with a 37, the best score of both teams in the match.

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April 22, 2016
April 15, 2016
April 1, 2016
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April 29, 2016 — by Saro Acharya, Anuj Changavi

Student of the Month: Melissa Hoffman
Guys and Dolls Recap
Sports Recap
Leadership Class Controversy

April 22, 2016 — by Navin Tiwary, Harshini Ramaswamy

SHSTV has stories on recent action in spring sports,  activities director Rebeca Marshburn about her decision to return to her home town of San Antonio, Texas, after this school year, the recent TEXEX event, a hula hoop challenge to teachers by senior Luke Salin and short promo for Senior Prom.

April 15, 2016 — by Jennifer Chen, Maxwell Lisovsk

SHSTV looks at the robotics team's successful season, Spring Fling highlights, a junior volleyball star who has verbally committed to UC Irvine and parking issues created by the beginning of construction of the new music building.

April 1, 2016 — by Mary Maccoun, Kyle Wang

SHSTV looks at teachers' efforts to try to combat stress and experiment with different kinds of homework this year, speech and debate national qualifiers, the addition of a freshman diver to the swimming team and students' Spring Break plans.

March 25, 2016 — by Michelle Koo and Michelle Lee

SHSTV features reports on substitute teacher Bob Kucer, who is subbing for chemistry teacher Kathy Nakamatsu while she is out on maternity leave, Spring Fling dressup days, Winter Guard's recent competition in Las Vegas, Student of the Mnth and the details behind the still-not-completed new softball field, which is delaying the start of the team's home season.

March 18, 2016 — by Saro Acharya, Sabrina Clark

SHSTV gives general announcements and reviews a recently opened popsicle restaurant.

March 15, 2016 — by Jennifer Chen, Anuj Changavi

SHSTV covers an upcomong Dandia event, the experiences of students with food allergies and the girls' basketball team's run to a CCS championship.

March 4, 2016 — by Kyle Wang, Pranav Ahuja

SHSTV sums up recent CCS sports action and examines the start-up business uProspie as well as the recent trip some students took to Cuernavaca, Mexico, over February break.

February 26, 2016 — by Saro Acharya, Max Lisovsky

SHSTV features a promotion for the Benefit Fashion Show, which takes places tomorrow in the Large Gym, a recap of the boys' crushinbg and controlversial 47-44 loss in CCS to Aptos on a disputed buzzer shot, and a profile of the the student of the month.

February 12, 2016 — by Ryan Kim and Austin Wang

SHSTV explores the controversy over a lack of diversity among Oscar nominees, checks in with Sue's Cafe, shows what the new creative writing elective is doing, previews the Benefit fashion show and delivers anonymous Valentine's Day roses to surprised students.

February 5, 2016 — by Stephen Ding and Daphne Liu

SHSTV this week includes segments on Bombay in the Bay, the bell schedule controversy, Mr. Saratoga and robotics.

January 31, 2016 — by Jennifer Chen, Saro Acharya

SHSTV looks at the success of Speak Up for Change weeks, the activities on display at Electives Night, and updates on speech and debate and sports.

January 22, 2016 — by Sabrina Clark, Max Litrovsky

SHSTV devotes this broadcast to showing a MAP documentary in honor of Speak Up for Change week.

Senior Homecoming Day: Oct. 16, 2015
Teachers Homecoming Day: Oct: 12, 2015
Freshman Homecoming Day: Oct. 13, 2015
Sophomore Homecoming Day: Oct. 14, 2015
Junior Homecoming Day: Oct. 15, 2015
October 17, 2015 — by SHS TV

Watch the seniors take us to a galaxy far far away in their homecoming quad day on Oct. 16, 2015

October 16, 2015 — by SHS TV

Check out our amazing teachers dance for their homecoming quad day on Oct. 12, 2015.

October 16, 2015 — by SHS TV

Watch how the freshmen dive into the lost city of Atlantis on Oct. 13, 2015

October 16, 2015 — by SHS TV

Watch how the sophomores takes us to the Hundred Acre Woods on Oct 14

October 16, 2015 — by SHSTV Staff

SHSTV shows how the juniors brought Neverland to life in their Quad Day on Oct. 15.

Unfriendly environments are created by just a few words
Financial literacy curriculum would educate students of essential life skills
UCs should not lower standards for out-of-state students
Concert ticket prices skyrocket beyond reason
Full Canvas implementation provides easier accessibility for students
Scanners are not the way to increase class spirit
American St. Patrick’s Day has lost cultural significance
April 27, 2016 — by Harshini Ramaswamy

“Commit. That’s so gay. You’re SPED. Go kill yourself.” These are common slang terms echoing in the hallways of SHS, jests that have made their way into the daily vernacular of students.

April 26, 2016 — by Caitlyn Chen

It happens all the time. College students begin receiving offers for credit cards and begin going out to dinner every night, buying expensive clothes or taking trips with money they don't have.

April 26, 2016 — by Nidhi Jain

A recent report by the state auditor confirmed what California students have been saying for the past several years: The admission standards for University of California schools is rigged against them.


April 23, 2016 — by Caitlin Ju

Junior reacts to quickly increasing concert ticket prices.

April 23, 2016 — by David Fan

Junior reveals how the school's implementation of Canvas greatly improved his life.

April 18, 2016 — by Claire Rhee and Isabelle Yang

School IDs are scanned for many purposes: checking out books in the library, identification checks at school dances, receiving class textbooks and more. Recently, the school has introduced a new program called the “5 star system,” a scanning system for student ID cards which enables ASB, administrators and class officers to track student involvement in school activities. But it has also been tried as an incentive to increase school spirit and attendance at activities like rallies, something that even new scanners cannot change.


April 14, 2016 — by Neil Rao

St. Patrick’s Day in America has become less of a celebration of Irish tradition and more of a pseudo-holiday for the nation.


Winning entries in Letters About Literature contest
Recent grad takes advantage of the City of Angels
Reporters attempt homemade pressed juice
2015 Alumnus finds new home in college
‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ comical but outdated
Teachers adjust workloads to lessen stress
BuzzFeed quizzes a slightly entertaining time-waster
April 27, 2016 — by Katrina Coglitore, Anya Herne and Karissa Dong

Letters About Literature is an annual writing contest, where students submit pieces describing how an author’s work impacted their lives. Katrina Coglitore won the statewide contest and will move on to the nationwide competition. Anya Herne and Karissa Dong were state finalists.

April 27, 2016 — by Neehar Thumaty

Class of 2015 alumna Mounika Narayanan stood in Wilson Plaza in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus, surrounded by thousands of fellow students screaming at the top of their lungs at a football pep rally/bonfire on Nov. 24.


April 27, 2016 — by Elizabeth Lee and Katherine Zhou

Nine dollars for a small bottle of juice is unreasonable. So after the new Pressed Juicery store opened in Santana Row about a year ago and hype about healthy juices took over social media, we decided to make some ourselves. 

April 26, 2016 — by Jenny Qian

Looking at the bare walls of his suite at Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2015 alumnus Ethan Ngai took out his 2-foot long “Star Wars” poster to put up. As Ngai’s roommate walked by and caught a glimpse of the poster, he excitedly began to list all 200 characters featured in the film series, even ones that Ngai had not known. From this moment, Ngai knew that he was going to fit in at his new school quite well.


April 26, 2016 — by Frederick Kim

Nearly every American student who has attended public school can recognize the opening song for the iconic TV show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” The days in elementary and middle school, when science teachers played episodes to give students a break from notes, have long since passed, but the catchy song still stays close to many students’ hearts.


April 25, 2016 — by David Fan and Neil Rao

Enter many classrooms this year, and instead of the typical lecture experience that a student may expect, teachers are attempting to reduce students’ stress by making big and little changes in their methods.

April 25, 2016 — by Isabelle Yang

BuzzFeed, a "social news and entertainment company" started in 2006, has become famous among entertainment enthusiasts of the Internet age. In addition to YouTube videos, the company creates quizzes, which range from “Who is your spirit Nazi?” to “What is your all time favorite slang word?”


What can you buy with $20 and an hour?
‘The Jungle Book’ revival transforms comical animation
Too many Prom-blems: Junior laments the exorbitant cost of prom
YouTube education: quick information for short attention spans
Your India is not my India
Schadenfreude: the sinister psyche, a way of life
My visor hat: the L(uv) of my Life
April 27, 2016 — by Angela Lee

Thrifting through a plethora of fabrics, scanning Sephora’s neat rows of makeup products or even gazing down an aisle of snacks at Safeway — I love it all.

April 25, 2016 — by Frederick Kim

Following Disney’s trend of converting animated classics into live-action movies, the industry recently released “The Jungle Book” in theaters on April 15, bringing the 1967 animated classic back to life.


April 25, 2016 — by Amulya Vadlakonda

Junior laments the exorbitant cost of prom

April 23, 2016 — by Katherine Zhou

Like the other millions of viewers who keep up with these fascinating videos, I enjoy watching “educational” videos on YouTube to increase my knowledge. I subscribe to YouTube channels like TED, Vsauce, AsapSCIENCE, SmarterEveryDay, Veritasium and SciShow to keep up on uncommon topics that pique my curiosity.


March 28, 2016 — by Amulya Vadlakonda

Reporter reflects on skewed perception of Indian culture.

March 24, 2016 — by Tiffany Zheng

In 2011, Kevin Hart spread the joy of schadenfreude with his “Laugh at My Pain” tour, a special that chronicled his crude and self-deprecating stand-up comedy.


March 16, 2016 — by Isabelle Yang

Upon donning my fresh plastic “UV 80+++” visor, I had already appeared to have been a changed person. Aside from feeling protected from the sun and its cancerous death rays, being able to wear the famed “Asian mom hat”  meant that I had finally reached the state of womanhood — at least, according to my Asian relatives. 

Photo of the week

Freshman Nicholas Zhang waits for the return during a home game against Wilcox on April 21.

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May 6: Senior Talent Show

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May 13: AP Testing ends

May 13: Comedy Sportz/Drama Club


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